12 Essentials for Success in Life and the Workplace


  • 4 things you should avoid in your career.

          One of the questions I get asked all the time from young professionals just starting out is “What do I want to avoid in my career”? Here are...
  • What all business owners need to finish 2020 strong and profitable.


    Training  will be key to survival of any business to finish 2020 strong and profitable.

  • What it really takes to be successful and how to avoid costly mistakes

        I used to wonder what it really takes to be successful all the time, I mean, I wondered it so much, I did all the research, took all the class...
  • Why we're obsessed with reading and why you should be, too! 

       Why we're obsessed with reading and why you should be, too!  I work with business owners every day and the best leaders are readers!   Have y...
  • 5 Essentials to Clear Communication

    How successful has your communication been with a mask on ? Well I have had some epic failures and some pretty decent wins.  I have come to reali...
  • What Busy Can Moms Can Do to Stay Sane While Home Schooling Their Kids

    Using your imagination – learning to adapt to circumstances at hand and taking good advice from someone you trust – that’s following a Beyond Common lifestyle.
  • Having Respect for Yourself: Key Traits for Lavish Team Members

    I never have a problem helping others look at their choices and helping them decide to make better ones, because more often than not, they don’t even know why they made the bad choice in the first place!
  • You Are Essential...No Matter Your Job

    Remember, self care is crucial to your Beyond Common existence. Take care of you and you will have the ability to care for those around you.
  • Showing Up For Others: The Importance of Simply Being There

    Think about this and the next time you are confronted with a circumstance that requires special attention, try a heartfelt gesture instead of kind platitudes.

    No one knows what another person is really going through – but creating a memorable act of compassion by being present is worth its weight in gold and is definitely a Beyond Common act.

  • Self Reflection: Paying Attention to Your Own Thoughts

    When you begin to apply Beyond Common systems and principles you discover your own personal talents and goals. It’s time to clear your head of clutter, clear your mind of intricately spun webs and carefully decide on what is important and what really works for you.

  • Common Misconceptions about Team Work

    A happy team is a strong and confident team – a group of individuals that look out for one another – that picks up and lifts up and rises up to all occasions – a team that is Beyond Common.
  • My 2 Favorite Questions to Ask as a Leader

    Two great questions I ask myself all the time are what did you love? And what did you learn? I ask this of myself all the time. I ask this question of my leadership team at the salon. I ask this every month of every single team member when I’m doing professional development meetings for each team member. I ask this question of my children who are currently 6 and 9 years old, but I have been asking this question of both of them since they were under three years old. It is absolutely adorable the things they come up with. Then other times they share a struggle they had in their day but they focus on what they learned. Sometimes I wonder if I would ever even know those interesting details about their day. If I didn’t ask the right questions.