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Discover why you need to set goals for long term success!

Goal Setting Guidebook TrainingDiscover why you need to set goals for long term success!

We Discovered 9 ways that you can benefit from goal setting for clients’ success. 


Goals are my number one driving force. They provide structure and meaning to what I do. They keep me going when times get rough. I’m pretty sure we can all resonate doing some type of goal setting or planning before. But what you might not know is its huge impact on your overall success and mental well-being. Little did we know that when we set goals, we are setting ourselves at least one step closer to where we want to be. 

Have you ever written down some of your goals before? 

Have you ever discovered its importance and how it has helped you propel through difficult situations? 

So let me share 9 different ways that you can benefit from goal-setting for client success. 

  • Goals provide direction and focus.
  • This is true both in what you're trying to achieve with your client; when you're working with them or what direction you focus on taking your business. Having a set of goals keeps you from getting distracted or sidetracked to ensure that you are only doing things that are beneficial and are veered towards your goals.

    1. Goals give a sense of personal satisfaction.

    Let’s try to see it in this analogy. Let's say you have a client, who’s been trying to grow out an old haircut into a new shape. So when you get closer to it, finally being realized, you would get super excited because you feel like there's the personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that you gained from working together with the client. Now, when it comes to using goals within to grow your business, setting a goal gives you a sense of personal satisfaction once you have reached what you are trying to achieve.

    1. Goals help maintain motivation, especially during setbacks.

    So here's the thing, people often get it twisted thinking that the most positive, motivated

    Maybe just the people that are destined to always earn a lot of money are special in some way. And I'm here to tell you that goals really maintain this because There will be days when your motivation and willpower run out. It does for all of us. But, when you have clear goals and habits in place, you would keep on persevering, you would keep on pushing further even when you don't feel like doing it. Life happens. Sometimes it can surprise you and take you back. And oftentimes, your motivation can fade out. But when you have structure, discipline, and routine in place. Nothing will be able to stop you. You would still show up for your goals even when rainy days come because you already have a habit in place.

    1. Goals allow clients to prioritize change.

    Let’s say, you have an upcoming change or are having a major life or business transition. Maybe you're going to stop doing men's cuts. Maybe you're going to only focus on crazy vibrant color, and you have to get your clients ready for this change. By recommending them to go to different people in the salon. Maybe you have a client who wants to totally change her hair as soon as her oldest daughter gets married. When you have a set of goals, you can make a three to six-month plan for how the change is going to take place so your clients can prioritize the change. Goals allow you to prioritize the change and help set you and your clients up for success.

    1. Goals help you set a realistic timeline. 

    For the goal to be accomplished, you will need a specific timeline that you can work on. As we have discussed in our Beyond Common Goal Setting Guidebook  when you set goals that are realistic with a specific timeline attached, it makes things happen so much faster. 

    1. Goals provide a better understanding of expectations.

    If we don't have goals for our visit today, we won’t know what our clients’ expectations are. Our goals help us determine what it is that our clients are trying to accomplish. I even say things like “if you could weave a magic wand, and  fix one thing in your business, what would it be?” 

    When we have a clear understanding of expectations, then as a service provider, you and your client would be satisfied with the end result. This makes for a much better trust-building relationship. It makes the foundation of the relationship so much stronger and it really allows things to really work well together more harmoniously.

    Don’t get me wrong, setting goals is not just for your own self. It isn’t selfish. Sometimes, people will tell me, “Oh I hate goal setting” or “I love goal setting”. Depending on where you fall on this, if you're somebody that hates goal setting, you push it away, usually out of fear of failure. But you must know, or even try looking at it through this lens l how you can benefit from goal Setting For Client Success. If you start your goals based on what your clients need, and how you're going to serve them better, I promise you, you'll get a little more excited about your own personal goal setting.

    Speaking of goal setting, do you know what the best thing in the world is when it comes to goal setting? This is also one of my most favorite things in the world. It's called a “Brain Dump.” 

    I like to get a sheet of paper out and just start writing down and dumping all your thoughts out on to the paper. Yes all of them, clear out the brain and write everything down! This helps me in my goal-setting process and gives me so much clarity on the things I need to focus on in order to achieve my goals. If you want to get a head start on goal setting and learn all my secrets for brain dumping, my Brain Dump Worksheets are available in  The Full Training of Beyond Common Goal Setting Guidebook.  You will have guided exercises to let you get clear and declutter your thoughts so you are always organized and are one step closer to your goals. 

    Thanks for being here!!

    Tracey Watts Cirino Signature


    PS. Does your salon have a never ending to do list that keeps you up at night?

    Are you struggling to see how you can start achieving  your goals not just set them? Maybe you want to try and experience the benefits of goal achievement?

    Join us inside the Goal Crushing Training. 



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