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7 Keys to successful Training and Coaching



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Many prospective clients and business owners often ask for tips about successful training and coaching inside their organization. 

If you've ever thought, How can I more effectively teach my team members important skills or techniques? Then this blog is for you!

The first thing is this:  if you are the trainer, you cannot train the team from where you are -- you must train them from where they are!  Remember, Sense is Not Common and what might be common sense to you or me might sound like crazy talk to someone else. 

Remember, we must dig deeper to connect with people in a real human way. And never forget that we are all different because of our own background and experiences that brought us to this exact moment in time with our unique sense of conditional beliefs and how we view the world.  

And as part of my training I often share these seven steps to achieve Beyond Common Results:

(1)  Identify an important goal or specific achievement you want to attain, and truly drill down so that you know specifically what it is.

(2)  Surround yourself with people who have it and refuse to allow those that don't share those qualities to bring you down.

(3)  Once you have identified the people who have that specific quality or achievement. Ask them if you could shadow them or if they will mentor you.

(4)  Apply what you see and what you have learned.

(5)  Ask for feedback and make any changes that need to be made.  Learn and grow from your mistakes.

(6)  Celebrate your progress.

(7)  Repeat.

At Beyond Common, we help business owners implement these training strategies in their business so they can achieve their next level of success in all areas of their life!

If you could use some support in getting clarity and focus in your business and professional life, check out our web site, or download our Beyond Common Goal setting Guidebook or our 

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Thanks for reading our blog!

with Gratitude,

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