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My 2 Favorite Questions to Ask as a Leader

Two great questions I ask myself all the time are what did you love? And what did you learn? I ask this of myself all the time. I ask this question of my leadership team at the salon. I ask this every month of every single team member when I’m doing professional development meetings for each team member. I ask this question of my children who are currently 6 and 9 years old, but I have been asking this question of both of them since they were under three years old. It is absolutely adorable the things they come up with. Then other times they share a struggle they had in their day but they focus on what they learned. Sometimes I wonder if I would ever even know those interesting details about their day. If I didn’t ask the right questions.

I love this question! I love everything about this question! Taking a moment to clearly identify what you loved and what you learned about a specific situation, event movie, party, wedding ceremony or even just any old average Tuesday workday helps you grow and thrive as a human. And let’s face it. Who’s doesn’t want that? 

Asking yourself what you loved and what you learned is a sure fire way to reflect on what you want more of in your life by clearly identifying what you love you will be taking a moment to pause with gratitude and you will naturally attract more of what you love into your life. While asking what you learned helps you reflect on what you learned so that you can grow. I also think of this as a way to overcome personal challenges, team challenges, family struggles or even overcome years of family baggage. That you don’t wanna carry on to the next generation. This is a simple question that can help you break the cycle of aimlessly going through your day without any attention to the things you really love. Asking yourself the simple question what did you love and what did you learn is one of the most amazing ways that you can truly set out to make sure that every day you are living your best life.

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