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Success tips for business owners who want to know how to get more clients!

Beyond Common Goal Setting Guidebook

Train your team


Success tips for business owners who want to know how to get more clients.

I'm excited to share how using your training programs helps your company stand out from other businesses and, of course, to stand out from your competition.

You will attract more clients, grow your sales, and have more happy employees so you can take care of more of those clients that you are going to get and attract into your business because of training your team.

We're going to reveal some great success tips for business owners who want to know how to get more clients by training their team.

I'm passionate about training because, as humans, we all feel like we want to be stretched and we want to be learning.  And the right training programs drive profitability and success.

Sometimes, we get complacent, we feel blah, and that can lead to depression.

It could lead to a loss of enjoyment in life. So we want to always avoid that kind of thing at all costs. Training does that because most people have an area that they struggle with. In professional development, you want to continue fine-tuning and refining what you're already naturally good at, but you want to take a few areas that you just don't know much about and you want to be learning and developing and training on those.

Training your team will help you get more clients and stand out from your competition.   If you have a team and a culture that supports training and everything that training is about, they share it with the customers you serve. And clients love that. They feel so taken care of and special that you do this training for them. It's honestly one of the reasons that all of the years that we were in business at Lavish Color Salon that we had an 85% client retention rate even when we lost staff most of our client’s stay.  Even when people left to pursue their dreams in a different way, we still had an 85% client retention because our clients loved and trusted that no matter which name and face served them.  To them, we still were the best in our field. Whatever it is that you want to be known for, make sure you're training your team. It's super important and your clients will love it. It's not just my opinion.

Of course, I'm going to give you some real-world stats and facts.

According to H.R. magazine, companies that invest fifteen hundred dollars or more on training per employee can see an average of twenty-four percent more profit than companies who invest less than that.

So that's a great statistic. Put your money where your mouth is.

So oftentimes you might say, well, I don't know what people need because they don't tell me what they need. No matter what your business, what you're doing in your business, pick an area that you would like to see growth.

For a restaurant, maybe you have these awesome desserts, but nobody's ordering them.

OK, well, are they really awesome? If they are and you know for certain that they're awesome, then possibly your employees don't have the right script to make them sound so amazing that we can't say no and we want them now. It's all in the presentation of those yummy desserts and they need to be scripted so your team knows how to present the information.

That would be an area to train your team. See they are telling you what they need for training you just have to know how to listen and where to look, of course. 

They need some confidence in how they talk about these amazing desserts.

If you have a hair salon and you have all these awesome treatments that make your hair feel healthier and shinier, but nobody's getting them, something is wrong.

 Every time a client does get this awesome treatment, their hair feels so much more amazing, but your team doesn't feel comfortable recommending it, so they may need training on how to script it and present the offer.

That's how you figure out where training can boost your results.

Look at an area in your business where there's a gap between what you think you should be doing and what you're doing, numbers-wise. And that's where people need training. They just don't have the skillset to talk about it in a way that serves the client best and the business.

Here's another stat:  a recent study from Accenture found that every dollar spent training got a return of four dollars and fifty-three cents. So that's a great return. So if I give you a dollar, because I'm investing your dollar in your growth and development in your training, the clients and customers, we're going to get four dollars and fifty-three cents back. That's huge. There's not a lot of stuff going on in the world right now that can give you that.

In the salon world, there is an organization called Summit Salon Systems that would suggest following a structured training program where you taught people how to walk the walk, talk the talk, and really trained them on how to grow and develop their career at every level.  Following that training systems, stylists earned ten thousand dollars more per year every year by applying the training system principles. And that's very similar to how I talk about applying the Beyond Common 12 Essentials in my book. 

It doesn't matter what industry you're in if you continually apply, year over year, the essentials which include learning on your time and investing in yourself and your training, you will always see at least ten thousand dollars more in sales revenue year over year. Think about investing in yourself, it's the best place to invest!

If you pay for training, you are going to get money back tenfold now. And if your employers pay for training and developing you, that's great, too.

Now, in order to jump-start your training program, I've created a special guide that I want to share with you at no cost -- That is the goal setting guidebook.

 It is a great tool to walk you through how to set up what training you need and it is going to guide you in a  really exciting way just for you.

People often reach out and direct message me all the time on social media and they'll always say, OK, I have a really small budget and I don't know what to do to start training myself or my team. I say to them, the best resource I have is my book Beyond Common,12 Essentials for Success in Life and in the Workplace. This is a really low-cost way and it's a very easy read. You could buy a copy for everyone on your team and get the whole team excited about personal and professional development. 

So, please take a look at those resources and let me know your thoughts, or how I can assist you further! 

Happy Training and thanks again for reading our blog!

Tracey Watts Cirino


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