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What Busy Can Moms Can Do to Stay Sane While Home Schooling Their Kids

I’d like to share something funny that happened today during the Covid-19 quarantine, while attempting yet again to perform a successful home school set of lessons for my two boys.

I spoke with Lora, one of my fabulous Lavish Color Salon stylists who also has two young kids, (hers are girls). She tried going the “mommy” route as well when dispensing lessons, which was getting to be very unpopular with her audience. So, she morphed into “Miss Lora” and…guess what? Her not so captive audience suddenly became very engaged and interested in what “Miss Lora” had to offer!

My boys have been less than enchanted with “Mrs. Mommy” my teaching persona – can’t really blame them, they miss their real teachers. This morning I followed Lora’s lead, I grabbed my Mary Poppin’s bag, put on some colorful clothes (no black today), came down the stairs and introduced myself to Dominic and Christopher as “Mrs. Tracey.” I was an instant hit! The boys were much more focused than they’ve been and we had a very productive class. In turn, it afforded me extra time to accomplish stuff that I haven’t had time for, thanks to our classroom day becoming so much more efficient. Instead of me being pulled in a zillion different directions, making that simple and creative change benefited us all.

Using your imagination – learning to adapt to circumstances at hand and taking good advice from someone you trust – that’s following a Beyond Common lifestyle. I’m sure all of you have some unique stories to share about your experiences, so please feel free to share with me. After all, we are all in this together, and the more we concentrate and use our creativity, the more we can accomplish!

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