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Having Respect for Yourself: Key Traits for Lavish Team Members

Our Lavish Color Salon team of stylists is always concerned about being respectful and being present, and these two traits come in really handy when we welcome a new potential member to our salon.

With that being said, I’m going to read you an excerpt from my book Beyond Common that is a fan favorite:

You do dumb crap – I will call you out on it again and again unto you stop doing dumb shit. You are not a dumb shit.

You are actually brilliant and wonderful just as you are. You simply need to be shown or told or coached on how to make better choices. I’m never judging a person or a person’s character, just adjusting some bad behavior and offering some other options. Never make yourself small for anyone. Never dim your light – shine bright like a diamond, just as Rhianna says, and do the right thing even if you think no one is watching.” One of my favorite sayings is: “Challenge the idea not the person.”

I never have a problem helping others look at their choices and helping them decide to make better ones, because more often than not, they don’t even know why they made the bad choice in the first place!

If they are not being served well by their decisions, then being present and showing respect to someone who is willing to guide them in the right direction is helpful, courteous and above all, Beyond Common.

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