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How to keep your salon profitable!

How to keep your salon profitable blog by Tracey Watts Cirino



How to keep your salon profitable

Salon owners are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want to build an empire that they can be proud of and share with the world. There is a huge industry that surrounds beauty, and at many times in history, salon owners were able to profit immensely off their talent and hard work. 

From the old-fashioned barbershops to the modern-day hair salons, salon owners have been in the business of beauty for decades.

Many salon owners share a common hope that their business will one day become profitable enough to allow them to just run the salon full-time. Or hire salon managers so they can just do hair without having 27 different jobs and roles in their own company.  They also continually think about the services they're providing clients, and how their clients are benefiting from their skills. However, many salon owners find themselves working 12-hour days just to keep up with their bills and have no plan or strategy for how to grow their business and become profitable.

It's not easy to stay profitable in an industry where trends change so rapidly, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your salon stays on top of the latest in styles and salon business

1) Find out what new hair trends are coming up and research them thoroughly. Make this fun host a team contest and have your clients choose a winner. This is the fun part about salon ownership so remember to enjoy it  
2) Make sure that you have all of the newest products and services available for your customers. 
3) Keep your inventory costs down and set up your prices so that you are profitable, not just competitive with other salons in your area.
 4) Offer specials or promotions throughout the year to attract new clients who might be looking for something different than they would get at another salon. Don't discount just offer specials and promotions in the salon world when you discount it has been my experience that you attract the wrong type of client. Be strategic with your promotions and specials so that you gain a long term repeat client no just a one and done situation
 5) Stay current on social media platforms like Facebook, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., so that people know about all of the great solutions you offer.

In conclusion, the most important thing for a salon to be profitable is making sure clients are happy and satisfied with their service. This can be done by giving them the best customer service experience possible and digging deeper than just giving them what they ask for.

 If you do these, your clients will love you and turn into raving fans who want to come back time after time, which will result in a more loyal customer base and a more profitable business.

At Beyond Common Coaching & Training Co., we help salon owners achieve their goals of building a profitable salon through coaching, training, mentoring, consulting, speaking engagements, books, and workshops based on a variety of topics including leadership development; personal and  professional development; employee engagement; team building; goal setting; time management skills; stress reduction techniques; communication skills (both verbal/written); organizational skill sets (e-mail etiquette/time management); personal growth strategies, etc.

Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy our blog!!

 with love and gratitude,

Tracey Watts Cirino 

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