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Are you a Salon Owner who wants to make more money in your Salon business? Try these awesome tips

How to make more money in the salon

How to make more money in your salon 


Are you a Salon Owner who wants to make more money in your Salon business?

Try these awesome tips...... 

You built this Salon Business because you have a dream and you can see it running successfully for a long time.

Hence, you put your heart and soul into nurturing and growing your Salon Business. We want to keep on attracting new clients and stay on top of the game in this competitive industry. While you are doing that, how can you earn more money for your Salon Business?


Grab your notepad or your sticky notes because these tips for Salon Owners are so juicy, you could not help but dig in. 


Here are the top 3 tips for Salon Owners to make more money in your Salon business.

  • Become known for something special or very specific in your market.
  • You want to have something for people to remember you by, so that when people think of this very specific thing, the first thing that will always come to their mind is you. For instance, my customers really remember me because of these things: color and color correction. I was the go-to person even for other salon owners, and hairdressers who have difficult hair and hair color challenges. If they have a perplexing hair color situation, I am the first person they would call and so I became popular for that. So you need to be really clear about what you love to do and  do more of that. Is there something hidden that your customers will remember you by? Of course there is you!!

  • Provide more value than anyone else
  • One way or another, this is related to the first tip. No matter which industry you are currently working in, you will need to produce a tremendous amount of value for your customers. People would expect to get a good haircut the moment they enter your salon.  That is a given at "hello". Your challenge now is to figure out how you can provide more value than anyone else does. So, your challenge now is to think about how you can create an extraordinary experience that your client would have spent  thousands of $$$ for but you provide it for this amazing value. 


    Ask yourself..... What can you do that makes it so worth everything and so much more? This is why your clients will always pay more because you give them so much more value.

    Think about this, until you can add more value (and not just one time) and over-deliver every single time, people will never question what they're paying you. Make it a mission to provide tremendous value more than anyone else. This will create a buzz and people will begin to talk more and more about your amazing salon. 

  • Make your clients feel better about themselves
    Sometimes, your client's will come in carrying  all sorts of personal baggage  with them. And it may be that no one's even listened to them for a month since they saw you last. Maybe no one's available to listen to them as they talk about whatever it is that’s bothering them. If you step in to just listen and give them space to talk about anything other than logistics and challenges of family life, they will leave feeling so much better about themselves and with more of a pep in their step. Those are the things people will  remember you for how you make them feel. 

    Remember  “Where you put your focus and attention is, where your energy flows.” What this means is that, you have to be really clear about what you really want so you can  focus on how to do these things intentionally and over-deliver above and beyond the quality of service that your clients expect. 


    I promise you, if you keep doing these three things on a consistent basis your salon’s income and overall growth will be unstoppable.

    Your earning potential will be limitless. 


    If you want to get even more hands-on and practical advice on how you can grow your income, I’d like to invite  to our FREE 3 Day Grow your Income Challenge so you can put these practices into use right away! 


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    Much love,

    Tracey Watts Cirino


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    What does your salon provide that will make people remember you?

    Join us for the 3 Day Grow Your Income Challenge


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