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Why Every Great Salon Owner needs to Seek Out New Mentors And New Innovative Ways To Grow.

Why Every Great Salon Owner needs to Seek Out New Mentors And New Innovative Ways To Grow.

Why Every Great Salon Owner needs to Seek Out New Mentors And New Innovative Ways To Grow. 

What Every Great Salon Owner needs to Seek Out New Mentors And New Innovative Ways To Grow.

Hello and thanks for reading my blog!  Today we are sharing some Beyond Common Business Secrets all about Helping Business Owners like Salon Owners & Hair Stylists learn....  "How to" surround yourself with people smarter than you in every area of your business and other important ways of seeking out new mentors and new innovative ways to grow. 


Why is it so Important to Seek Out New Mentors And New Innovative Ways To Grow: Rules Of The Road For Success!"

Hello,  My name is Tracey Watts Cirino. Recently I interviewed my dear friend NeCole Cumberlander, Salon Industry Expert on my podcast show Beyond Common Business Secrets about The importance of seeking out new mentors and creating new innovative ways to grow, and here is what I learned!

NeCole Cumberlander is a well-known expert in the Salon Industry and she graciously agreed to this interview to share her extensive knowledge and experience to help us learn and understand why we need to surround ourselves with people smarter than we are in every area of your business.  

 NeCole is an expert in the Hair & Beauty Industry as well as a super successful entrepreneur in multiple other areas.

I absolutely adore NeCole and have considered her a dear friend and mentor for years.

 What I learned from interviewing NeCole Cumberlander ....

Business Success "Rules of the Road" - 


  • The #1 RULE Salon Owners, Hair Stylists, and other creative service  business owners need to follow for The importance of seeking out new mentors and new innovative ways to grow  success
  • The most important RULE for How to thrive in life and in your business  (no matter what your current level of achievement)
  • The cardinal rule of what to do when seeking out new mentors and new innovative ways to grow  
  • The #1 Secret  Salon Owners, Hair Stylists, and other creative service business owners need to know when it comes to surrounding yourself with people smarter than you in every area of your business that you want to grow. 
  • Specific  tools and resources NeCole thinks are the most important in today's world (and how you can get access to them fast)
  • Specific rules to help Salon Owners Hair Stylists save a lot of time by seeking out new knowledge, mentors, and new innovative ways to grow  (and avoid a lot of wasted effort)
  • The biggest rule NeCole ever broke as a Salon Owner, School Owner, and Real-estate mogul when it came to The importance of new innovative ways to grow (and how YOU can learn from that experience).

If you want to learn How to pivot your business model, get feedback to grow your business, and how to turn your setbacks into big growth opportunities then join me in this very special interview with Salon Industry expert NeCole Cumberlander as she spills all her business Secrets.

Check out this episode now to get started!

About Our Guest:

 NeCole Cumberlander has been in the beauty industry for almost 30 years and has achieved a plethora of awards and accomplishments.  She started out like most hairstylists behind the chair but, shortly after beauty school, became a national educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems. 

 After several years of educating around the world in 1994, NeCole realized her dream to become co-owner of the award-winning Noir et Blanc Salon and Spa with her husband and business partner Orlando.  They later sold the salon after 15 very successful years in business. During her years as a salon owner, she became involved in The Professional Beauty Association, the largest national salon business owners association in North America, where she was an active member and past president.  NeCole’s passion and commitment for the beauty industry also led to the appointment to The State Board of Cosmetology by former Governor Vonivich.  

 In 2004, NeCole and Orlando were encouraged to open Paul Mitchell The School Cleveland and two short years later they opened their second location in Columbus, Ohio.   The success of their schools has allowed their company to grow to over 75 employees, graduating over 300 future professionals per year between both locations.  Aside from being involved in her schools, NeCole also serves as President of The Paul Mitchell School Franchise Association. She is very passionate about serving in ministry at The Word Church and being a wife for 30 years, while she and Orlando are loving parents to their greatest accomplishment their children Orlando Jr. and Skylar.

 ⭐️To connect with NeCole ⭐️





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