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How to Train Anyone Anytime!!

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How to train anyone anytime!!!

Do you know about the "See Do Go Know" System?


Business owners often think about creating a team of passionate and motivated employees who do more than expected.  The results of such a workforce are happier customers, and happy employees who are reaching their true potential.  Sounds great, right?  But how can a business owner develop a workforce of top performers who are "all in" and dedicated to excellence?

This is where the "See Do Go Know" system comes in -- something I've developed over many years.  If you want something done in a particular way, you need to show people EXACTLY how you want it done, and let them do it. This is true even when we are training our clients to style their hair at home or teaching new team members how we do things.

We need to teach them.

Step 1 show them how to do it.

Step 2 Stand right next to them and be there to help if they need it. 

Step 3 Give feedback, but let them do it. 

Step 4 After they have done it well a few times, move away from them.  Keep moving further and further away until they don't need you there to make sure they do it correctly. 

This is the "See Do Go Know" system that can be replicated over and over in any business:

  • Show me so that I can see
  • Let me do it so I can feel
  • Let me go so that I can know

Allowing people the space to make mistakes and figure things out for themselves allows them to develop their thinking muscle and build confidence in themselves.

This is just one of the ideas I've developed over the years at Beyond Common Coaching &Training Company that leads to business success. 

We dive much deeper into the SEE DO GO KNOW Method in My book Beyond Common "12 Essentials for Success in life and in the Workplace" and in my course BEYOND Common Success Essentials.Course. Join us today!

I love helping business  owners achieve clarity and focus in their  business and personal lives.  If we can be of service to you, please let me know.  And be sure to check out for additional information about our Company and our  Beyond Common Business Secrets Podcast!


With Gratitude,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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