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How to work your way up from the bottom and develop the confidence you need to be successful


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How to work your way up from the bottom and develop the confidence you need to be successful

Here’s the super condensed version or  explanation of how I got to where I am today: ⁠ I started from the bottom and by that, I mean assisting at a local hair salon for years and steadily growing my clientele (while I worked as a waitress at Bob Evans on the weekends), and then volunteering to assist at hair shows without pay for years just to get next to the best of the best in the beauty business.

⁠I would even pay for my own food and and travel expenses while working more than 16 hours a day for FREE. Seriously I am not joking. That was the only way to get close to the best in the hair industry at the time. This was way before Instagram.

Then I started my first real business at 22 and learning everything NOT to do. Honestly this was a better education than getting a business degree at Harvard, just my opinion of course. However when you fail that badly and learn what not to do eventually you learn what does actually work if you just have the courage to get back up and keep going.

By real business I mean not a side hustle I had employees and lots of taxes to pay. Then stumbling into my next business as a business coach totally by accident because I loved helping salon owners set up training programs and curriculum to train their teams. ⁠This is the part of my job and career that I always loved so much I would do it for free just to help people out.

Then I opened the mini small version of Lavish Color Salon in 2003 and started teaching salon owners and salon professionals how to earn 6 figures behind the chair. Next we opened the actual large location of Lavish in 2007 and ran this award-winning very successful salon business for over 18 years until I sold the physical location and transitioned it into Lavish Luxury Products on-line and now I’m HERE running Beyond Common Business Coaching, Consulting and Training Company and Lavish Luxury Salon Training.⁠

We offer many virtual on-line training programs to help you grow and scale your business. Including our signature program the BEYOND Common Success Essentials Course to help you attract more of your favorite clients, grow your income, and create a better work life balance.

My message is still really simple and the same as always. I help creative service business owners like salon professionals, graphic artists, physical fitness experts, photographers, coaches, etc. get the focus they need to grow and scale their business.

I am so blessed to be currently on my way to becoming a ⁠best-selling author and we do a weekly podcast show called...⁠ Beyond Common Business Secrets where I get the complete creative freedom to help female business owners and leaders level up their life and business. ⁠ We have a small team and a few contractors doing what we love and serving our clients the best of what we have to offer. Pretty cool, huh? ⁠ What questions do you have about how our business can help your business grow? ⁠

I love sharing with you, so drop them below!⁠


With Gratitude,

Tracey Watts Cirino

Beyond Common Business Secrets Podcast

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