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Independent Businesses Join Together to Lobby against Amazon


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What side are you on?

I love supporting the local independent business owner whenever I can and I do love that Amazon ships almost anything I need right to my doorstep.

Independent Businesses Join Together to Lobby against Amazon

Today, our blog takes a look at recent developments affecting smaller businesses, which are often competing against or other global business giants. Recently, a group of small and independent businesses are joining together to push for more protection against behemoth corporations threatening to stamp them out.  The new coalition, named Small Business Rising, is seeking changes to federal policies that they claim favor large businesses like Amazon and put them at a competitive disadvantage. The group wants policymakers to break up and regulate technology monopolies; make antitrust laws stronger and easier to enforce, as well as take a closer look at large-scale mergers.  Coalition members include the American Booksellers Association, American Independent Business Alliance, Main Street Alliance, and the National Grocers Association.
According to Inc. Magazine, the coalition wants Amazon to separate its retail business from its marketplace of third-party sellers and hopes to achieve this by creating opportunities for independent businesses to speak with lawmakers and the media, share their experiences, and talk about the need for policies to level the playing field.  Specific changes would prevent Amazon and other dominant online marketplaces from selling its own products in competition with other sellers on the same platform, which would require Amazon to separate its retail-products business from its online marketplace.

The effort is the latest sign of increased pressure on Amazon from merchant groups and lawmakers who believe the Seattle company has crushed smaller competitors through unfair tactics. Amazon is currently the subject of multiple antitrust probes by the Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and Congress. 
Given the challenges, all small businesses face when growing online sales, and creating new profitable income streams Beyond Common encourages its clients to consider the benefits and the risks of offering products for sale on large
e-commerce platforms, as compared to building your own infrastructure and sales funnels.  Often times it is not one or the other maybe it’s both. Maybe you discover that you actually won’t make a profit if you offer your products on the larger e-commerce sites often times it helps to think things through clearly and map out a clear plan of action that allows you to grow and scale your business in the way that serves your customers best. In my world, our clients are my hero and I am just here to guide them to the best possible solutions for all the challenges they face. If I don’t have consistent personal access to my clients it doesn’t serve my business mission.
Business ownership is not for wimps and our clients mean everything to us.
At Beyond Common Coaching & Training Co. our goal is to inspire and empower women business owners to look and feel their best so they can achieve success.  One of the ways we do this is to alert our clients to emerging trends or important developments in business, and how they impact you. 
If you would like to know more about our courses and how important it is for female entrepreneurs to have access to the best resources or if you would like to discuss the challenges associated with growing you’re online revenue stream please contact me anytime!
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