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Fire up your Team and Achieve Extraordinary Results

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Is your company filled with good people who could improve their performance?  Do you see untapped potential in your team members, but aren't sure how to propel their performance to the next level?  If so, let's take a minute to reflect on strategies to help you motivate your existing workforce and attract the very best people to your organization moving forward.

Fire up your Team and Achieve Extraordinary Results

First things first, let's take a look at your existing team by doing an analysis of the existing team by asking yourself these questions:


  • Does your team talk mostly about problems, disappointments, difficulties? Sometimes this is a good thing and can help you solve the biggest problems in your organization. It is important to give your team a safe space to vent about challenges and frustrations. Just remember to lead and guide them in the direction of problem-solving.  Make discussing opportunities to improve customer relations, new systems, and strategies, and increase income a part of your company's daily mission.  Shift the conversation in your organization towards HOW to achieve results. Rather than just letting people focus on the negative you must set the tone for your company culture. If not someone else will do it for you.
  • Is every member of your team actively looking for ways to innovate and elevate your customer experience? If not set up a reward system that drives this type of behavior into action.
  • Can your team tell you what the competition is doing in detail? In a competitive marketplace, you must keep track of the competition, and make sure you are over-delivering in every area so you can be the market leader. If someone on your team doesn’t know and doesn’t care what the competition is doing, they are not serious about achieving results.
  • Are the same mistakes being made repeatedly? When the same mistakes are repeated over and over again, it’s confirmation that your team member is either in the wrong job or losing interest. Set up a clear system for how you handle this so it is clear to every member of your team that it will not be tolerated. Remember what you permit you promote. You must handle these situations quickly and efficiently.


  • Once you have done an evaluation of your existing team, consider the best ways to infuse your organization with new talent:

  • Are you considering Untapped Sources of Candidates when you Fill positions or are you engaged in Conventional Hiring Strategies?  -- Employers are busy with a thousand things at a time, but many underestimate the importance of dramatically increasing the number of candidates they interview or consider for job openings.  Do you have a strategy to reach a wide array of candidates?  Are you considering non-traditional candidates like women who have a break in their careers for family reasons, but are eager to put their talents and experience to work in the business world? Think about the advantages of welcoming women who are re-joining the workforce into your organization, and be sure to expand your pool of potential hires by reaching out to nontraditional candidates. If you are in an industry that is primarily women consider split shifts.  This way you can hire more women and more women could come back to work working just a few days a week. This is a win-win and really speaks to what the modern workforce is looking for.
  • Do you have a systematic way to compare how potential candidates you interview can help the company reach the next level of success, or do you just interview a few people and pick the one you like the best?  Hiring decisions have an enormous impact on your success and are one of the most important decisions any business owner makes.  Do your practices reflect this or are there opportunities to improve in your company? Map out a clear plan of what roles you need to fill then make your hiring decisions based on fact, not feelings.

When was the last time you took a hard look at your recruiting systems to make sure you are attracting the very best talent to your organization?  When was the last time you took a hard look at your internal systems to make sure your team is actively engaged and working towards the objectives you established?  Beyond Common Coaching and Training Co. helps business owners gain clarity and focus in their personal and professional lives.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you design a customized coaching plan for your current team and revamp your recruiting system to attract the best available team members, send me an email with your wish list

to get access to more helpful information on this topic please download our Podcast Beyond Common Business Secrets , where we share insights and ideas to support business owners!

Be sure to let me know what you think!  I’m looking forward to collaborating with you on creating team systems that drive your results.

Thanks for being here! 🤗

Tracey Watts Cirino



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