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Clearing up the Mental Clutter that Weighs you Down

Tracey Watts Cirino Blog

Clearing up the Mental Clutter



Clearing up the Mental Clutter that Weighs you Down

Ahh, Spring Cleaning, when you take a look around the house and start identifying stuff you no longer use or need, and see what's in your closet that you won't wear or use.  You may have already loaded up your car and made a contribution to Goodwill or some other worthy organization, or have that huge corner in your house like I do that you hope is getting picked up soon.

Isn't that a great feeling, getting your place organized and cleaned up?

But what about also tidying up your mental clutter?  Mental clutter can include all of the following: worrying about the future; ruminating about the past; keeping a mental to-do list that never seems to get accomplished, or holding grudges or negative feelings because of previous disappointments.

In short, mental clutter is anything that keeps you from thinking forward, maximizing your creativity or achieving results you desire.

One good way to get rid of mental clutter is to turn your cell phone off, grab your favorite notebook and think about your personal and your business goals, finances, creative pursuits, romantic relationships, friendships, health and wellness and your faith.  This is a perfect time of the year to take a look back at your New Year's Resolutions -- remember those? -- and see if you're on the path you set for yourself a few months ago.  Are you on track to hit your goals?

It's also a perfect time to identify any obstacles in your way and map out your plan to  eliminate those.

At Beyond Common Coaching & Training Co., our mission is inspiring and empowering female business owners to look and feel their best so they can make more money and achieve success and personal happiness.

We empower women business owners by providing them with strategic tools and resources they need.  If you'd like to take a step back and clear your mind of all that mental clutter and take a look at where your business is today and where you want it to be in six months, a year or two years out, we can help.

 We offer a full range of virtual and in person courses, one-on-one or group business coaching consulting. To get started right away with clearing away any mental clutter so you get clarity and focus in both your life and business check out our Beyond Common Goal Setting Guidebook Training and tune into the podcast Beyond Common Business Secrets  every week!

As a business success coach, I inspire & empower women through my Beyond Common method to look and feel their best while making more money and improving their overall quality of life so they can have a greater impact in the world.  I'd love to hear what you’re  working on and what the next phase of your success plan is, and if you are ready to accelerate your results let’s work together to help you achieve your goals.

Thank you so much for reading our blog!

With Gratitude,

Tracey Watts Cirino




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