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What all business owners need to finish 2020 strong and profitable.

What all business owners need to finish 2020 strong and profitable.


Why doubling down on training is going to be what all business owners need to finish 2020 strong and profitable.


Training  will be key to survival of any business on the other side of all this!
Hi, my name is Tracey Watts Cirino and I am the author of Beyond Common, 12 Essentials for Success in Life and in the Workplace and I'm also the founder of Lavish Color Salon.
 I see this all the time with small business owners that I coach and consult with. All Entrepreneurs and business owners have five major obstacles, hurdles, mistakes, challenges, or whatever you want to call them when it comes to training.  By setting up proper training programs and systems in your company, you can finish 2020 on a strong and profitable note.
The five biggest mistakes that I see leaders making all the time when it comes to training programs and team development are.....
#1 GO IN BLIND, with no real game plan on how to achieve results.
#2 FAIL to offer feedback or follow up.
#3 UNCLEAR on delegation and what specifically they want their team member to do.
#4 INCORRECTLY ASSUME that everyone that works within their company should know.
#5 DID NOT FORMULATE any type of plan.

 Have you ever been guilty of any of these? 🙋🏼‍♀️

I sure have. Raise your hand if you are like me and you have made these mistakes. I sure have been guilty of all of these.
Every day in my coaching and consulting company where I work with small business owners and leaders, I hear statements like this that really get business owners and leaders stuck and unable to move forward.
If you’re like many other entrepreneurs, you know you have work to do when it comes to your training programs and your systems.  That’s why I want to invite you to join me for our upcoming results training workshop on Monday, October 12, from 11 to 2 EST.

This workshop is packed with loads of information for you to actually take action on. I can relate to training challenges probably more than most business owners, because for years and years, actually 15 years working in my salon company, at my physical location, we would constantly run into obstacles and hurdles for why things were not getting done or being followed through to the end to completion.

The problem always traced back to me and not properly training. I was often the one who created an obstacle or challenge in some way.  In short, the finger was always pointing back at me. Once I realized the actual problem then I was able to seek out help.
So as a training challenged leader, I have discovered so many actionable tips and tricks that will allow you to avoid making the same mistakes I have made in the past and I want to share them with you so you do not have to struggle the way I did.

Like I said, the workshop is filled with loads of useful information that is going to help you every day in your training so that you do not have to make the same mistakes I did.
The workshop is packed, with so much useful information that you'll be able to take action on right away.  This workshop is valued at over $300. 
When you reserve your spot today, you're going to get the workshop for only $50.

I really want to help you as a small business owner. I have been where you are and I want to help you overcome these expensive mistakes as quickly as possible. That is why we set the price this low.
I want to help you as a small business owner and leader, finish 2020 strong.

I want you to end 2020 profitably because you have strong training systems and programs in place that lead to you and your team’s success! So that you can focus more of your time on what really matters to you.

That is why we're doing this. I love helping business owners and I just want to share this information with you.
 You will be blown away, and I am so excited to share this program with you.
Go right now to my website, Click on shop and the results training workshop. You can add it right to your cart and you will be able to get the workshop for only $50.
As your added bonus,

  I have even gathered some of my favorite inspirational female leaders to join me on this training so you can learn from these brilliant ladies as well!

You're also going to get  a free hardback copy of my book Beyond Common 12 Essentials for Success in Life and in the Workplace.

This is going to help you speak the same language so that everyone on your team can be actively involved in helping the business follow through to the end of projects so that you're working together hitting your goals. When a business is thriving, all the members of the team thrive as well.
It takes everyone speaking the same language and getting on the same page. So that's what Beyond Common is going to help you with.
Then we also have a  workbook that goes with this course especially for you.

It's going to break down everything for you so that you can take some action right away and achieve immediate results with training your team.


And let's talk about the best bonus of all again, we have the panel of business owners for you to learn what is working and not working in across different companies. These are three inspirational women that I reach out to all the time for golden nuggets of wisdom with how they train and serve their teams.


So I am so excited and so blessed to bring them to you. It is Anjua Maximo from Groove Ryde and she is so phenomenal, this woman is just gorgeous, she just lights up the stage with everything she does, I absolutely adore her.

Her husband and I are good buddies. We did 10KB small business together and I am just so excited by everything Anjua does and cannot wait to learn from her at our business owner workshop. You are going to love it and love her.
Then we have Lisa Crilley Mallis, who I love. I've worked with Lisa in the past.
She is an amazing capacity coach that really helps people dive deep into what they're best at.
Lisa is actually who gave me the idea of how to actually get a book written when my life was so crazy, when my  babies we so young, and my physical business needed constant attention, and I was starting my training business up again, I'm an educator, coach, and consultant. Somehow, I’m responsible for all these things.
I never thought I could make time to write a book. But it was because of Lisa and her encouragement to double down on my strengths that allowed me to actually write it.

Tina Black is the other business owner and thought leader who has inspired me for years. Tina Black is such an inspirational leader. She owns, I think, four different cosmetology schools, a bunch of salons. She has a charitable foundation. Tina is a published author of 5 books and has an awesome podcast called The BE Series. She is a John C. Maxwell, certified speaker, coach and trainer like myself. She's actually the salon professional that inspired me and another dear friend of ours to go into the John C. Maxwell training certification back in 2016. Then in 2017 I spoke with her before reaching out to publishers about my book and she was an absolute gem that lead me down the right road to get published.
Not only has Tina just inspired me in so many ways, she is just the most absolutely kind and generous human and I can not wait for you to meet her and learn from her story.
So we have all these awesome business owners as our panel of speakers. These amazing leaders are  the bonus that's going to come with this workshop.
So again, you want to go to www. click shop and then look for the workshop. It will say results training workshop for business owners.
And you will be so happy that you did because I want you to finish 2020 strong and profitable.
I want you to still walk away with all the obstacles and challenges that we've been thrown this year as business owners, I want you to walk away saying that you were profitable and that your business training systems and programs are stronger than ever.
I cannot wait to see you there. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I can't wait to see you there and I am looking forward to you getting your Beyond Common Results for yourself and your business. For your personal life and for your team.
Your team deserves for all of you to get on the same page and speak the same language. And I can tell you, as somebody who has struggled with this for years and then overcome these challenges, I don't want you to make the same crazy mistakes I have. I want you to get better right now!
I have been blessed to have so many amazing people, both on my team through the years and inspirational mentors lead and guide me. I have made all the expensive mistakes for you. So by joining us this way you're only going to learn how to do it right.
And we're going to get inspired by this amazing panel of extremely talented and extremely inspirational leaders that are totally tuned in, totally tapped in to what it takes to Be a Beyond Common Leader and Grow Beyond Common Companies.
So I cannot wait to share all of this with you.

See you in the results Training Workshop!

With Gratitude,

Tracey Watts Cirino

 Check out my Live Video about the Results Training Workshop!



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