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15 Most Underrated Characteristics That'll Make You a Rockstar in the Salon Industry

Hairstylists and Salon Owner Success

 Hairstylists and Salon Owner Success

15 Most Underrated Characteristics That'll Make You a Rockstar in the Salon Industry

In an industry filled with egos Glamour Beauty Cutthroat Catty Gossip Sex Scandals lying cheating and stealing peoples secret beauty formula’s.  The rumors of drinking vampire blood just to stay young and youthful.

With all the smoke and mirrors It's a wonder anybody thinks anything good about the hair and beauty industry. 😂😂😂

However behind all the blown up fake glamorous facade there is a heartbeat of an industry filled with the most kind and beautiful souls I have ever had the privilege to know. The amazing humans that stand behind the chair daily to create beautiful living art on the heads and faces of everyday people all across the world. These salon professionals, hairstylists , and salon owners they are the true healers and heroes of our time as they work hard daily to help their clients look and feel their absolute best. 

There are so many skills and characteristics that are more life skills and so useful in your growth and development on the road to success in any industry but they are absolutely required to be successful in the beauty industry. 

The Great Divide that exists between what they say is the living wage for hair stylists which I think is around $24,000 a year right now all the way up to those Hairstylists  earning $1,000,000.00 per year  Behind the Chair.

The Great Divide comes into play with these 15 most underrated characteristics or life skills that will absolutely make you a rockstar in the salon industry. They may seem simple but if you cultivate and develop these 15 characteristics  they will pay you back tenfold. 

  1. Willingness to learn and grow
  2. Can do attitude
  3. Team Player 
  4. Servant's heart
  5. Humility
  6. Optimistic
  7. Networker 
  8. Problem solver
  9. Genuine Kindness (which is really just telling the truth even when it's hard). Way more on this in my book Beyond Common 12 Essentials for Success in Life and in the Workplace.
  10. Provide more value than anyone else
  11. Generosity
  12. Resilience
  13. Invest in others
  14. Communication
  15. Seek constant improvement

These are the top 15 most underrated characteristics that will make you a rock star in the hair industry. If you have been naturally gifted with these characteristics, congratulations. You are truly blessed my friend!!

 If you need help cultivating and developing these characteristics grab yourself a copy of Beyond Common 12 Essentials for Success in Life and in the Workplace and notebook, maybe even pour yourself a cup of coffee and let's get to work.

Please reach out to me on Instagram or any social media @TraceyWattsCirino and share your success as you start developing these underrated characteristics in your life and in your business. I will be here cheering you on. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

With Gratitude,

Tracey Watts Cirino

Check out Beyond Common Business Secrets Podcast every week for more helpful business secrets and life hacks.


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