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The Secrets about Learning that Drive Business Owners to Success!

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Learning that Drives business owner success

No matter where you are on your personal journey, your ability to take your success to the next level often depends largely or completely on YOU! 

One key source of competitive advantage is your ability to constantly learn, continuously build your skillset, and always be open to new trends and new ideas.  Business owners who don’t constantly focus on their own personal development, continuously improving their products and services quickly fall behind competitors. 

The results you get when you don't continue to learn?  Lots of hard work for very little in return … and poor financial results.

 The benefits of being a lifelong learner are clear – you and your business never get “stale”, your skills remain sharp and you are able to utilize technology to its fullest potential.  The real question is HOW can business owners become lifelong learners – in addition to all of the other professional and personal obligations currently in their lives.

At Beyond Common, we have some insights into this area. 

My goal has always been to foster the Love of Lifelong Learning by training people – who will train more people – to be present, pay attention, and do whatever they do best with passion and heart.

Too many people just show up, which isn’t enough. But lifelong learners, show up all in and write our own life story!

Here are a few suggestions about how to become a Lifelong Learner:

First of all, pay attention to others. Be Present!

American business is filled with stories of successful business owners constantly asking really great questions and quizzing colleagues, customers, and vendors about the latest trends. 

Remember, to truly listen to what someone is saying means concentrating on their words, without thinking about how you want to respond.

Ask questions, show interest, and let whomever you’re talking with know that you genuinely care about them.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.

Another idea is to join a Mastermind Group and seek input from successful business leaders.

Also, be honest with yourself about where your skills fall short and make a plan to boost your talents.  An easy way to accomplish this objective is to identify experts in the field you need to improve and purchase books they have written. 

Most authors and trainers have online courses that you can purchase, so take an online course with the author or coach of a book you really love.  In your downtime, spend time reading to level up your skills.  If you are looking to achieve success on your terms, check out my latest book, Beyond Common, to help get you and your whole team on the same page and moving forward in the same direction. If you want to see an improved business performance at your company, and you need a little help and inspiration to keep going every week as the leader subscribe to my Beyond Common Business Secrets podcast, where we share more business success secrets and tools you can use to build important life and career skills.

Finally, consider partnering with Beyond Common Coaching and Training Company as your business coach! I've learned to streamline things and create a step-by-step method, making it so much easier for business owners just like you to not only survive but thrive in both your life and business. Having a coach simplify and talk you through how to develop your own marketing system is actually really powerful and helpful.

Working together, we can uncover golden nuggets of opportunities for your business and accelerate the growth of your company, increase your company profits and your overall company value. 

I’d love the opportunity to work with you to help you achieve your goals and get your team excited to work together moving in the same direction. 

Contact me for an assessment of your business and let’s team up to solve your challenges and capitalize on your opportunities, to get your growth up to a whole new level.

Send your request for a business assessment to:


Thanks for reading our blog!

Tracey Watts Cirino


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