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How do you become a #1 International Best Selling Author

Women Who Shine 


 How do you become a # 1 International Best Selling Author

The answer is to dream big, sparkle more and shine bright!!

I couldn’t be more excited to share with you what’s been going on around here lately!

My heart is still overflowing with gratitude, joy, and abundance! ⁠

💜 Thank you to everyone who supported us to make our book launch of ⁠

⭐️WOMEN WHO SHINE ⭐️ an incredible success! ⁠

We couldn't have done it without your love and support. 💜 

I woke up this morning still pinching myself 😂⁠

Who would have thought all of this was possible when I woke up On Wednesday  August 25th ?

⭐️ Though I really wanted to be, I never imagined I would ever be a bestselling author, and I'm super honored that I get to share this incredible news with you:


We officially hit #1 Best Seller in 23 Categories

Women Who Shine is an

#1 International Bestseller


No matter where you are or what you want to accomplish, believe it is POSSIBLE!! Trust me if I can do it you can do it!

No matter what it is, you got this!!  The fact that I get to say this is evidence and proof that everything is possible!!

Wow! I am officially a 

#1 International Best Selling Author in 23 Categories, ⁠

⭐️ Including Women In Business ⭐️⁠

Statistics say 80% of people want to write a book.⁠

10% actually write one⁠

1% become a bestseller⁠

An untraceable tiny amount (point something something) actually become a⁠

#1 International Bestseller. ⁠

I am 🙏🏻 so grateful and humbled to be among them🙏🏻⁠

🙌🏻 All things are possible… but you must first BELIEVE! ⁠

Thank you all for your endless support! ⁠

You all have all blown my mind with the outpouring of love and support ⁠💜 

⭐️Women Who Shine- 💜 Tracey Watts Cirino ⁠


Tracey Watts Cirino Women who Shine

Get your copy of Women Who Shine and get the best, most personal insights into how to overcome any challenge and rise above all the noise and chaos in the world. With these 30 inspiring stories of shining light into the world,

Women Who Shine will Inspire you to find your voice and take your next step.

Want to know more? Send me your questions to or follow me on Instagram! 


 💜 Tracey Watts Cirino  💜 


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