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Are you ready to earn more money for what you love to do?

Beyond Common Success Essentials Course


Beyond Common Success Essentials Course


Are you ready to earn more money for what you love to do?

 I hear so many people talk about how they wish they could make more money or how they deserve to make more money. Have you ever heard people say that? Or do you say that on a regular basis? I hear this all the time. Then when it comes to what it takes to level up their performance they fall short and don’t make any moves in the direction of their goals and dreams. I often wondered why so I started investigating this years and years ago. 

Are  you ready to level up both your life and business so that you can make more money and improve your overall quality of life? Then this blog post is for you!

 First let’s have a real talk here to get clarity on how we talk and how to keep a strong mindset even when things go wrong or even off the rails. Do I have your permission to keep it real? I hope you said yes!!

When we say a very vague General thing like oh I want to make more money what does that mean exactly? You have to be clear about what that means to you?

If you're not sure then the universe, your clients or your boss are not going to know what to bring you either.  So you will not get any more money. So when we say we want to make more money what does that look like, specifically?

Being very clear and drilling down on what that looks like is the first step in getting there.

 Next, one of the most common things I see with Many business owners and  salon professionals that I work with when I  coach and train them on how to overcome this is they sometimes do not even know how much they make. Seriously I know, It's hard but I can help you with that ( that is what I am here for). So if you're unsure of where you are and you don't have a clear destination (this is the tough love honest coach part here 🤗) 

Why are you surprised when everything stays the same and nothing really changes? Really think about that. If you got in a car you would have to know where you are going and where you are or you would just be stuck sitting there. Your GPS would not work without  knowing where to go and  where you are. So wishing for money will not work either. Just like your car would just sit there. 

When I ask that question and explain it that way people are usually like oh oh oh wow  ok Tracey I got it now. So the first thing I would suggest doing is set a specific goal of how much money you want to make, it’s your life so you choose. Next  be really clear about your money like get that figured out.

  Know what's going on when it comes to your money and what you're actually earning. Once you have that clear then we can plan a strategy for what will get you from where you are to where you want to go. However, without knowing where you want to go you will continue to spread yourself too thin and to spin your wheels doing all the things but not moving forward. So you need to decide is this the year that you're finally going to maximize your earning potential and enjoy the clients that you work with.

That's what it's all about for me. That's my sweet spot no matter what type of business you're in. If you are not serving clients that you absolutely love and adore it's really hard to be the best and elevate your earning potential. 

Of course you can keep doing what you've been doing and if you're happy with the results kudos to you.  However, if you know in your heart of hearts that you were destined for more that you have the potential to achieve so much more and you're ready to start Building Wealth into your life and start  living from a place of abundance then check out our BEYOND Common Success Essentials course that will walk you through how to build more wealth and attract more of your favorite clients and keep them loyal and wanting to spend money with you.  The  BEYOND Common Success Essentials course will walk you through the systems and strategies you need to start building wealth and earning more money quicker then you have been able to before.To Learn more click here Beyond Common Success Essentials.

Your Biggest Cheerleader,

Tracey Watts Cirino


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