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Professional Development Secrets Every Business Owner Needs to Know.

Professional Development Secrets Every Business Owner Needs to Know.

 Beyond Common Business Secrets

What is your opinion on how we can level up your business and give the gift of personal and professional development?

Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever wondered that as a business owner? As a business owner?
I think about this all the time.
 This blog is based on a recently recorded Podcast about this topic, so if you would like to  hear more go to ITunes and download
Beyond Common Business Secrets Podcast.
You are probably here because you want to become more successful and generate more wealth and you need to get more clarity and focus to grow your client base and increase your visibility so you can succeed and become beyond common in today's ever changing business landscape.
One of the biggest secrets is that "Sense is just not that common".
Having a common language makes everyone's contribution clear.
 We like to make personal and professional development simple so it is actually the sexy side.


So for those of you that are new to our Beyond Common world and don't know me yet, I am tracing that story now.


And I love to help and work with creative business owners to help them get more clarity and focus in their business to drive their profitability.


I'm also the author of


Beyond Common 12 Essentials for Success in Life in the Workplace.


 People ask me this all the time about "sense not being common", and it is something I write about a lot because I think we all grew up saying, oh, well, that's just common sense.

 And honestly, nothing is common sense.


There is nothing at all that is the same for you as it is for me.


Even when you take siblings that grew up in the same house together, they still look at life differently because they learned different things along the way and their sort of journey throughout life.


So because 'sense is not common", that is definitely an issue when it comes to your professional development.


So when you have a team of people that you need to be working with them for both their personal and their professional development, one of the things to always think about is that what does it look like here? What do we want done? That is a really simple way to break it down, because if we just go around assuming that, oh, that's common sense, what if they never picked up a broom before, you would be surprised.


But there are many people that have never picked up a broom, or at least not properly from the standards that I was taught and what is required to meet my high salon standards.


So one of the things is really knowing that sense is not common and that people would rather know exactly what you expect of them because that is so helpful and it helps everybody involved to know exactly what the expectation is.


So that is a really wonderful thing when it comes to both personal and professional development, knowing  what's the expectation is and make that totally clear because without that, people are just confused.


The other key thing is laying out a clear plan for what's expected.


One of the reasons I wrote


Beyond Common 12 Essentials for Success in Life in the Workplace


is because a lot of people don't like going back to the fact that their sense is not common.


A lot of people don't know what the expectation is. So if you can create an environment where everyone on your team knows what their contribution is and clearly knows what's expected of them, it helps so much for people to be clear on what their contribution is.


This allows people to feel more more gratified, and more appreciated because they know their contribution and the sense of accomplishment is so strong.


So that's really huge when it comes to personal and professional development. That same common language helps everybody know what's contributed, which is really a wonderful thing. And then the main reason that I actually wrote


Beyond Common

 and  one of the things that I coach and mentor and train a lot of my clients on is the idea that professionalism and personal development can be sexy.


If you look at professionalism as if it is the very best we have to offer the world, then everybody is sort of putting in what makes them bright and shiny and who doesn't need a little bit more bright, shiny sparkle in their life.


No matter what type of work you're in or what type of business you have, the more you're able to put your best foot forward and put the best you have to offer into what you're doing makes it sexy.


It makes it fun.


I mean, did you ever get ready for a job that you were so excited about and not be a little bit nervous? No?


Did you ever get ready for a date that you were like, oh, I don't want to go? Nobody wants to be there either, not the person that you're going there for, even if it's a blind date.


If you're not excited, don't go. Don't go to work there and don't go on the date!


Nobody needs to be a part of anything that doesn't make their heart sing.


That's why I really believe that professionalism and taking the time for growth and development, both personally and professionally, can be sexy because this is the best we have to offer the world


I'm not talking about boring stuffed shirt professionalism. I'm talking about things that elevate the experience for all the members of the team that are working close together, as well as all the clients you serve and everybody that you're taking care of.


Even even when people are just starting out in the workforce, it's important that they learn how to love, appreciate and respect that they get to go to work.


It's something that is an honor and privilege, not the feeling that I have to do this.


The show must go on no matter what, showing up as yourself, your whole self, whether it's messy, sloppy or anything in between, show up and then start to put that Polish on in the way of this wouldn't be my best hair day in the world.


But I still will show up in a way that shows you that I care and that says I am excited to be here for you.


I'm well prepared. I love and appreciate that you're here.


So that's what I mean by bringing that sexy or that sparkle to professionalism, because that's what we really want.


We want to know the best other people  have to offer.


So we need to offer the best of ourselves to others, because that's what makes the world really this wonderful, beautiful place.


And now, more than ever, people need something to get excited about.


 Even if it's just you deciding that today is a new day and I'm going to put a little more sparkle or pizzazz into getting ready or into my outfit that I'm going to wear on Zoom or wherever I go.


Put that little bit of a spin on it and I promise you you'll start to feel better. It's like one of those things, if you wake up in a bad mood, sometimes you have to tell yourself you're happy and excited about the day and then you just will be.


So a lot of times that's the best way to work yourself out of thoughts like, why am I just in a bad mood today? OK, maybe I need to look at things differently so we dive a lot into this when we are setting up different coaching and training programs within small businesses that I work with. And that is one of the things like the main reasons why I wrote Beyond Common, to serve as a guidebook to young professionals everywhere that want to be successful and then are looking to achieve the the most success they could ever imagine and get everything possible out of life.


And the people that are training them are pouring so much time, money and energy into their training programs and getting everybody systematized  so that they can all speak that common language. That's the reason that I wrote the book, so that the the gap could be bridged, so that these two things could come together and make it much easier because training is hard, but it's worth it. And training is what leads to the ultimate success of any company. So that's why it's super important that we continue to level up and train our teams no matter what.


And now more than ever, there is so much uncertainty in the world. Nobody knows what tomorrow is going to bring. News flash, we've never known if we're having tomorrow. So we have to enjoy every moment and figure out how to level up our professionalism and grow and develop ourselves, and this is really a great thing.

That's why Beyond Common makes the most perfect gift. If you are a business owner that has this huge team, I have clients reach out all the time that say, hey, you know, I want to get fifty books for my team.


Can I buy a bunch of books? I think it's such a great idea and this is often how I first will meet somebody. This is like a great. Way to start working on getting your team to have the same common language, or if you're a parent and you have a child that is just out of college and they really want to be successful, but they're struggling and they're searching for their path, then Beyond Common makes a great gift for anybody that is looking for defining success on their own terms and wants to know what should I do.  That was the thing when I was a kid just starting out in my career. I say, kid, but of course, I thought I was like such a big deal. I just thought that I knew everything when I was 17 and 18. How funny. But I always was asking questions about how to become successful?


How do you do this? And I really was looking for a guidebook to success. So it's why I wrote Beyond Common, because people were always saying, hey, this is what it takes. I wanted a clear path. And then as I would hire and train young professionals, they would ask what does it take? Now, I can say these are the main 12 essentials that help us meet the same common language to set up our own personal version of success, and it makes you start from so much more of an even playing field that it's truly amazing.


So you can really allow people to level up their personal and professional development because of that. That is the thing that's most exciting to me. I love getting feedback or reviews from clients that are so excited because it's a quick, easy read and people just didn't even look at it the simple way. I try to always make everything simple because I always say I'm the type of person that I feel like I am a bit of a slow learner.


So I know many people think they should read something three to five times to get it. So I always say I'm the slowest person in the world to get things so I have to put an extra work to actually get it. So the more I can make it simple but clear, the easier it is for everyone to get on the same page.


I think we've all learned that this year. What's really important. But the one thing somebody said was that, in the process of attaining something, in the process of your journey towards success, you could write a book, you could write a screenplay, you could build a company.


And then one day, your house could catch on fire before you turned in your manuscript for your book or your screenplay. Your business could burn to the ground. Not that we ever want these things to happen, but it's not if things happen, it's when. But what will never be taken away from you is who you became in the process, who you became on the journey toward success.

Don't forget, nothing worth having is ever easy.


It could be simple, but it's not easy. Diamonds are formed under pressure. So knowing that you will become stronger, you will become more resilient, you become more of an amazing person. Everything and anything that God designed you to be that what's inside of you. So any gift we can give that helps people become more resilient, more confident to forge that path of success for themselves. I'm all for it because at the end of the day, we only have this moment.  And who we become in the process of anything is what's more important.


That's a gift that keeps on giving again and again for years to come. So to me, that's the most important thing. So if you would like more information on Beyond Common, the 12 Essentials, or if you want to get a bunch of books as a gift, you can get those on my website, You'll love it. It's also available at Barnes &, Noble and Amazon and everywhere quality books are sold.


Also, in the spirit of giving, I have a free gift for you. If you go to, I have a free report that dives into the 12 biggest secrets that all business owners need to know to achieve success in today's day and age. So especially in this ever changing market, where we don't know what tomorrow holds, we have to always be thinking of ways that we can help both our team and our family.   No matter who you have, if you have a team of people, whether it's small or large, or you have family and relatives who would benefit from giving the gift of something that puts people on a journey of self discovery, that's the stuff that never goes away. That's the stuff that makes us all bound and more connected than ever. I am the type of person that could get lost in a deep, meaningful conversation. That means the world to me.


For those of you that have read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I am a quality time person. I could get lost and a great, delicious conversation like this one that we're having now. And that is so true for so many people. It's speaking the language that works for them.


These are the things we remember. And during this crazy time in history that we've all lived through this pandemic together, we've all been in a different boat or had a different boss. Everyone's had different challenges, but we all know that those deeply connected moments mean more to us than all the things we could ever get. So when we say we want to achieve success and we want to build wealth and we want we want all these things, it is about clearly defining what those are for yourself so that you can get the clarity and focus that you need in your life and in your business so that you can be living your true purpose no matter what you choose to do in life, if you are doing something you love, it never feels like work.


You'll never work a day in your life. It will always feel that it fuels your fire and brings you such joy and happiness. Like my little guy. I have a seven year old son who's so amazing at art and he has been teaching me art since he was four. He innately gets it. So no matter what happens in his life, we'll continue to forge that and fuel that to make sure that who knows what he's going to do with it.


Maybe he'll be an architect, a painter, a sculptor. Maybe he'll make T-shirts. There's a million options, but he gets lost in the actual joy of doing the art, so that's something that you notice.  Wow, this is something that's really in his element and that's how I always feel when I'm in a great conversation because I just can sit there and talk to people all day and ask what are you passionate about?


What are you excited about? What does success look like for you? If you could have the most perfect day, what what does that look like? And these are ways to pull out of somebody what their path of success really looks like, and these are things that giving someone the gift of personal and professional development will do for them. So it's a wonderful thing and I am so excited to share it with you.




No matter how you're paid, whether you earn commission, you rent a chair in a salon, or you're an hourly employee, if you work in this environment, you're a business within a business. So I try to always teach all sorts of young professionals to look at themselves as a business within a business. The more you care about the bottom line and the customers that the business serves, the better everybody does. So whatever type of business that someone has, the more growth and development they can achieve with a clear path to success,  and knowing what is important to them.


That's what they should work on. Because just because someone told you, oh, you should go to Paris, that's what real success is like. Well, we don't want that. So why are you running after it? Or you have to work this like super crazy 80 hour a week corporate job, and that's what success is. So you just go off running in that direction and then you wonder why you're never happy.  It's probably because you haven't taken a step back to ask yourself why are you doing this.


What does true happiness and real success look like for you? And that's what we want to dive into and everything we do at Beyond Common Coaching and Training company. So that includes the book, the courses, the podcasts, the coaching and consulting, all of it. So we're always looking for how can we align your true purpose with what your version of success is and get you there the fastest way possible, because if we're got to go somewhere, it's probably best to take a giant airplane.


I've been working on creating a podcast to share a bunch of amazing topics, but we are always looking for your suggestions. I get in that I get instant messages all the time on Instagram and Facebook.  Also, you can email me if you have an idea or something you'd really like us to dive deep in to you on the Beyond Common Business Secrets Podcast.


We're here to help you in every aspect of your business because your life and business go hand in hand.  Don't forget to go to

 to get your free gift from me about the 12 biggest secrets.


It's a FREE report for you . It definitely helps you get started with all the things that you need to do to set up the right type of systems to be Beyond Common.

And for those of you that are looking for gifts, don't forget to go to to buy your gifts for everyone on your list that can benefit from personal and professional development training.


Thanks so much.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Tracey Watts Cirino



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