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Sparking the creative genius within you!

Tracey Watts Cirino Blog

Sparking the creative genius within you!

Have you been guilty of saying I am not creative or slightly envious of your creative friends, or admired artists, musicians or writers?

Don't forget, creativity is so much more than whether you can draw or paint.

In a work situation, it can be about innovation and improvement, and in our personal lives it can relate to coming up with solutions to life’s challenges. Many of us are actually more creative than we realize and there are several ways you can actually boost your creativity and make innovation a key part of your business!

Consider trying these techniques:

  • Do something out of the ordinary -- like attending an outdoor concert, a pottery class or join a book club -- just to mix things up.
  • Try changing your routine -- sleep in one day, block out time in your schedule for something fun, or reconnect with old friends
  • Put away your digital devices, even for an hour. Instead of filling your head with more information, give your mind a rest and allow your ideas to flow from the inside out.
  • Take a walk and allow yourself to be inspired by Nature. ... for instance, do you know what kinds of trees are around your home?  You can even hug a tree and feel the strong calming energy. Do you know what kinds of birds are chirping away?  Take a moment to admire nature!
  • Check out The Artist's Way -- a tool used to end writer's block and to assist artists, but perhaps helpful to you!

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking and assist you in reaching your goals.  At Beyond Common, our passion is to inspire and empower women business owners to look and feel their best so they can achieve their personal version of success.  Our blogs are designed to introduce you to new ideas and provide helpful tips you can use every day to spark more creativity and maybe even have a bit more fun.

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